Improvements to INSIDEtracc Nominations

Monday, March 28, 2005

Good News!

Placing nominations through PG&E's electronic nomination system is easier than ever because we've enhanced the nominations screens. In response to your requests, we have made the following modifications:

  • Combined nomination screens
  • Color-coded nominations
  • Incremental nominations
  • Revamped cut codes
  • "Flow Date Status" View (showing nominations for a specified flow date)
  • "View Nomination History" sub-window
  • "Check Pool Balances" sub-window
  • "Nominations by Entity" screen

Combined Nomination Screens

The Nomination Order and Nomination Transaction screens have been combined. All new nominations and/or nomination changes are made from this one screen.

In the "edit" portion of the screen (at the top), the Start Date and End Date fields will default to a blank field. Tabbing moves you from side to side, instead of up and down. Required fields are still shown in yellow, with optional fields in white.

You can also search/retrieve nominations by nomination mode; i.e., you can call up just your Timely nominations for a particular flow date.

The maximize feature of the table is still available. By clicking on the maximize button at the top, right-hand side of the table, you can expand the table to show a full screen of your nominations instead of just a few of them.

Color Coding

Nominations are color coded for easy reference.

  • In the Normal View, submitted nominations are in black font, invalid nominations are in red font and unprocessed nominations or nominations that have not yet been submitted are in blue font.
  • In the Flow Date Status View, processed nominations are in black font, invalid nominations are in red font and unprocessed nominations (nominations that have not yet been confirmed) are in blue font. Incremental Nominations

Incremental Nominations

Placing an incremental nomination is easier to do by using the new Inc check boxes at the right side of the nominations table. These boxes will be enabled when you are in the Flow Date Status View.

If the scheduled volume for a nomination is less than the confirmed volume, just check the Inc for that nomination. After you have checked the Inc box, you must click on the Renominate button on the upper right-hand side of the screen to have INSIDEtracc automatically create a new nomination exactly like the first one, for an incremental volume. The new nomination is based on the difference between the scheduled and confirmed volumes. Once the incremental nomination appears, click on the Submit button at the upper left-hand side of the screen to submit your nominations to PG&E. It's a snap!

Cut Codes

We've given our nomination cut codes serious consideration, and have revamped the codes and definitions. These new codes will also show on your Confirmed Nominations and Scheduled Volumes (100) report. They will not automatically print, but you will have the option of printing them whenever you want. Let us know what you think!

Flow Date Status

We've added a "check status" button that allows you to check the status of your nominations for a particular flow date. Once you click on that button, a Flow Date field will appear.

If you have done a search/retrieve to call back nominations in the Normal view, the start date of your search will automatically be entered into the Flow Date field. If you have not done a search/retrieve to call back any nominations in the Normal View, the current date will default into the Flow Date field. To bring back all the nominations for that flow date, click the Retrieve button. The nominations table title bar will change color, indicating that you're now in the Flow Date Status View screen.

Decreasing nominations is done from the single Nominations screen, in the Flow Date Status View. Simply search/retrieve the nomination(s) you'd like to change from within that view, make the appropriate volume change, and enter it back into the nominations table. Your nomination change will replace the existing nomination in the table, keeping the same nomination mode tag (see Nominations Table) of the first nomination (i.e., Timely, Evening, Intraday1, Intraday2). Then, submit your changes to PG&E.

View Nomination History

The Search/Retrieve button is still the method for calling up existing nominations from the system. But, we've modified the table to display only your latest valid nominations. You can see previous changes made to a particular nomination by highlighting that nomination in the table. Then, click on Functions, View Nomination History and a Nomination History pop-up window will appear. You will see the nomination changes, as well as who made them and when.

Check Pool Balances

The buckets are back!! When you place nominations in the nomination table (whether by entering them into the table or doing a search/retrieve for them) you can click on Functions, Check Pool Balances to find out if your pools are balanced, based on the nominations in the table. When you click on this function, a pop-up window will display the total In and Out volumes for just your pools (and those that you are an agent for) that are listed in the nominations table.

The window will also display buckets informing you if your pools are balanced. A filled bucket means your pool is balanced, a half-empty bucket means there is more market than supply, and an over-flowing bucket means there is more supply than market. For easy reference, you can also double-click on any pool to open the Incoming/Outgoing Nominations table and see all nominations going into and coming out of your pool.

Nominations by Entity

By clicking on Navigate, Nominations, Nominations by Entity, you will bring up a window that allows you to input parameters and call back nominations for a particular entity for a specific flow date. Use this screen to see all of your nominations in INSIDEtracc relative to a specific entity (such as a pool, end-use customer, transportation service agreement (TSA), etc.). You also have access to detailed cut code descriptions through this screen (as well as in the Nominations screen).

All nominations going into and/or out of a specific entity will show up in the table. For example, pools will have both incoming and outgoing nominations, an end-use customer will have only incoming nominations, and a TSA will have only outgoing nominations. Please note that the Nominations by Entity screen is for reference only and you will be unable to make any revisions to nominations from this screen.

If you have any questions about these screens, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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