Understand the various systems that deliver your energy

PG&E uses many different systems to collect and distribute energy to your home. Learn more about the systems we use in our service area.

Providing natural gas icon

Providing natural gas

From the ground to you, learn how we deliver natural gas.

distributing customers

Delivering energy through our electric systems

We deliver energy through electric transmission and distribution systems to our customers. Find out more about this system.


Collecting hydroelectricity

Our hydroelectric system provides safe, reliable and clean energy. The history of this hydroelectric network dates back to the California Gold Rush. Learn more about our hydroelectric system.


Generating clean, nuclear energy

The Diablo Canyon Power Plant is a major source of clean energy for PG&E. Learn more about the plant.

Visit Understand how radio frequencies (RF) affect you

Understanding radio frequencies (RF)

Help answer those questions about potential health effects related to RF emissions from the meters.