Former Salinas manufactured gas plant

Project overview

In December 2020, PG&E completed cleanup activities addressing contaminated soil at the site of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) located at 2 and 4 Bridge Street in Salinas, California (site). All work was performed voluntarily under the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and in coordination with the City of Salinas.

Cleanup activities included a combination of excavation and off-site disposal and on-site treatment of over 27,000 tons of soil. Asphalt, concrete, or gravel caps were installed after treatment activities were completed to provide long-term protection of public health and the environment and prepare the site for future redevelopment.

PG&E is working with DTSC to establish land use covenants at the site and to conduct periodic post-remediation monitoring to confirm cleanup activities have been effective. We anticipate that after the land use covenants are recorded DTSC will certify that site remediation is complete later this year.

Former Salinas MGP in 1929


The former MGP operated from 1873 to 1929 providing a constant source of energy for the lighting, heating, and cooking needs of the area. Some byproducts of the gas making process were left buried on-site as the plant was dismantled.

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Site-related documents can also be found at:
John Steinbeck Library—Reference Desk, 350 Lincoln Ave., Salinas, CA 93905, (831)758-7311.