Former Fresno-2 Manufactured Gas Plant

Project overview: PG&E will be conducting an environmental cleanup project at the site of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) located on Mariposa Street, between F and G streets, in Fresno, California (site). PG&E anticipates cleanup of the site will begin in summer 2020. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) oversees this voluntary project and work is coordinated with the San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District and the City and County of Fresno.

Work includes soil excavation and off-site disposal in select areas of the site along with backfilling excavation areas with clean, imported fill. Work areas will be restored to match existing conditions.

Former Fresno-2 MGP around 1899

Former Fresno-2 MGP around 1899.

Public Safety and Outreach: Safety is of utmost importance to PG&E. Work will be conducted in a way that protects the health and safety of workers and the community while minimizing impacts to the greatest extent possible. PG&E will continue to keep the community informed about the project through fact sheets, work notices and other outreach, as appropriate.

Site history: The former Fresno-2 MGP operated from 1881 to 1919, when natural gas became available. PG&E acquired the property in 1905, and the plant was closed and dismantled in 1919. Today, the site consists of three vacant lots and a former restaurant.

Site related documents can also be found at:
Fresno County Public Library, 2420 Mariposa Street, Fresno 559-600-7323