Former Colusa manufactured gas plant


PG&E plans to de-energize, remove and replace electrical equipment at its Colusa Service Center and substation at 105 Second Street in Colusa (site). As part of this work, the company will be removing contaminated soil associated with historic manufactured gas plant (MGP) operations. Soil cleanup work will be conducted voluntarily under the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

Site overview

The MGP operated at the site from 1886 to 1940 providing gas for the lighting, heating and cooking needs of the community. PG&E acquired the plant in 1906 and operated it until its closure. The site is now a service center and substation. In 2013, PG&E excavated about 3,700 cubic yards of soil from accessible areas at the site under a DTSC-approved cleanup plan. Excavated areas were backfilled with clean fill material and the site was restored to its original condition.

Main and 2nd streets after completion of 2013 remediation work.

Current status

The removal and replacement of electrical equipment provides the opportunity to remove contaminated soil that was previously inaccessible. PG&E has submitted a draft cleanup plan to DTSC, called a draft Explanation of Significant Differences, that proposes excavating soil and transporting it off-site to a licensed disposal facility. Excavations would be backfilled with imported, clean fill prior to installation of the new electrical equipment. DTSC will be accepting public comments on the draft cleanup document through July 24, 2020. More information can be found below in the Additional Resources section.

Should DTSC approve the cleanup plan, PG&E anticipates conducting work later this summer, which would take place over the course of three months. Work would be conducted in accordance with a site-specific health and safety plan that includes measures to control dust, noise and traffic impacts.

A view of the substation where PG&E plans to replace electrical equipment and remove impacted soil.

Additional resources