Tariff Book

Current gas and electric rate schedules, preliminary statements, rules, forms and advice letters.
Table of Contents
  1. Gas Rate Schedules
  2. Electric Rate Schedules
  3. Gas Preliminary Statements
  4. Electric Preliminary Statements
  5. Gas Rules
  6. Electric Rules
  7. Gas Maps
  8. Electric Maps
  9. Gas Contracts and Deviations
  10. Electric Contracts and Deviations
  11. Gas Forms
  12. Electric Forms
  13. Gas Title
  14. Electric Title
  15. Advice Letter Index
  16. Wholesale (FERC) Tariffs
  17. Historical Rate Information (Gas Tables, Electric Tables, Commodity Prices)
  18. Gas Rate Forecasts
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A-1PDFSmall General Service
A-6PDFSmall General Time-of-Use Service
A-10PDFMedium General Demand-Metered Service
A-15PDFDirect-Current General Service
AG-1PDFAgricultural Power
AG-4PDFTime-of-Use Agricultural Power
AG-5PDFLarge Time-of-Use Agricultural Power
AG-ICEPDFAgricultural Internal Combustion Engine Conversion Incentive Rate - Expiration Transition Rate
AG-RPDFSplit-Week Time-of-Use Agricultural Power
AG-VPDFShort-Peak Time-of-Use Agricultural Power
CCA-CRSPDFCommunity Choice Aggregation Cost Responsibility Surcharge (Interim)
DA-CRSPDFDirect Access Cost Responsibility Surcharge
E-1PDFResidential Services
E-6PDFResidential Time-of-Use Service
E-9PDFExperimental Residential Time-of-Use Service for Low Emission Vehicle Customers
E-19PDFMedium General Demand-Metered TOU Service
E-20PDFService to Customers with Maximum Demands of 1000 Kilowatts or More
E-31PDFDistribution Bypass Deferral Rate
E-37PDFMedium General Demand-Metered Time-of-Use Service to Oil & Gas Extraction Customers
E-AMDSPDFExperimental Access to Meter Data Services
E-BioMATPDFBioenergy Market Adjusting Tariff
E-BIPPDFBase Interruptible Program
E-CAREPDFCARE Program Service For Qualified Nonprofit Group-Living & Qualified Agricultural Employee Housing Facilities
E-CBPPDFCapacity Bidding Program
E-CCAPDFServices to Community Choice Aggregators
E-CCAINFOPDFInformation Release to Community Choice Aggregators
E-CHPPDFCombined Heat and Power PPA
E-CHPSPDFCombined Heat and Power Simplified PPA
E-CHPSAPDFCombined Heat and Power Simplified Under 500 kW PPA
E-CREDITPDFRevenue Cycle Services Credits
E-CSACPDFCommercial Smart A/C Program
E-DASRPDFDirect Access Services Request Fees
E-DCGPDFDeparting Customer Generation CG
E-DEPARTPDFDeparting Customers
E-DRPPDFDemand Response Provider Services
E-ECRPDFEnhanced Community Renewables (ECR) Program
E-ECR-PDTPDFE-Enhanced Community Renewables Project Development Tariff
E-EFLICPDFEnergy Financing Line Item Charge (EFLIC) Pilot
E-ERAPDFEnergy Rate Adjustments
E-ESPPDFServices to Electric Service Providers
E-ESPNDSFPDFElectric Service Provider Non-Discretionary Service Fees
E-EUSPDFEnd User Service
E-FERAPDFFamily Electric Rate Assistance
E-FFSPDFFranchise Fee Surcharge
E-GTPDFGreen Tariff (GT) Program
E-LORMSPDFLimited Optional Remote Metering Service
E-NMDLPDFNew Municipal Departing Load
E-NWDLPDFNew WAPA Departing Load
E-OBFPDFOn Bill Financing Loan Program
E-OBMCPDFOptional Binding Mandatory Curtailment Plan
E-OBRPDFOn-Bill Repayment (OBR) Pilots
E-PWFPDFSection 399.20 PPA
E-REMATPDFRenewable Market Adjusting Tariff (REMAT)
E-RSACPDFResidential Smart A/C Program
E-RSMARTPDFResidential Smartrate Program
E-SDLPDFSplit-Wheeling Departing Load
E-SLRPPDFScheduled Load Reduction Program
E-SOPPDFResidential Electric SmartMeter(TM) Opt-Out Program
E-SRGPDFSmall Renewable Generator PPA
E-TMDLPDFTransferred Municipal Departing Load
E-TOUPDFResidential Time-of-Use Service
E-TOUPPPDFResidential Time-of-Use Pilot Project Service
EL-TOUPDFResidential CARE Program Time-of-Use Service
EL-TOUPPPDFResidential CARE Program Time-of-Use Pilot Project Service
EDRPDFEconomic Development Rate
EEPDFService to Company Employees
EITEPDFEmissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Customer Greenhouse Gas Allowance Revenue Provisions
EL-1PDFResidential CARE Program Service
EL-6PDFResidential CARE Program Time-of-Use Service
EMPDFMaster-Metered Multifamily Service
EM-TOUPDFResidential Time of Use Service
EMLPDFMaster-Metered Multifamily CARE Program Service
EML-TOUPDFResidential CARE Program Time of Use Service
ESPDFMultifamily Service
ESLPDFMultifamily CARE Program Service
ESRPDFResidential RV Park and Residential Marina Service
ESRLPDFResidential RV Park and Residential Marina CARE Program Service
ETPDFMobilehome Park Service
ETLPDFMobilehome Park CARE Program Service
EVPDFResidential Time-Of-Use Service for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Customers
LS-1PDFPG&E-Owned Street and Highway Lighting
LS-2PDFCustomer-Owned Street and Highway Lighting
LS-3PDFCustomer-Owned Street and Highway Lighting Electrolier Meter Rate
NEMPDFNet Energy Metering Service
NEM2PDFNet Energy Metering Service
NEMBIOPDFNet Energy Metering Service for Biogas Customer-Generator
NEMCCSFPDFSchedule NEMCCSF- Net Energy Metering Service For City and County of San Francisco Municipal Load Served By Hetch Hetchy At-Site Photovoltaic Generating Facilities
NEMFCPDFNet Energy Metering Service for Fuel Cell Customer-Generators
NEMVPDFVirtual Net Energy Metering for a Multi-Tenant or Multi-Meter Property Served at the Same Service Delivery Point
NEM2VPDFVirtual Net Energy Metering Service
NEMVMASHPDFVirtual Net Energy Metering For Multifamily Affordable Housing (MASH/NSHP) With Solar Generator(s)
NEM2VMSHPDFVirtual Net Energy Metering For Multifamily Affordable Housing (MASH/NSHP) With Solar Generator(s)
OL-1PDFOutdoor Area Lighting Service
PEVSPPDFPlug-In Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot - Phase 1
PEVSP 2PDFPlug-In Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot - Phase 2
RES-BCTPDFSchedule for Local Government Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer
SPDFStandby Service
TBCCPDFTransitional Bundled Commodity Cost
TC-1PDFTraffic Control Service

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