What Is Parking?

Golden Gate Market Center

Ever go long at the border and then have trouble finding a market? Ever have a deal fall through that left you with more gas than you know what to do with? If this sounds familiar, then parking at the Golden Gate Market Center is just the ticket for you! Parking your gas at the Golden Gate Market Center gives you a chance to find a home for your gas, or wait until prices move up to a more agreeable level.


Parking service provides interruptible storage of gas on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's system. Gas can be parked at Malin, the Citygate, Kern River Station, High Desert Lateral, Daggett, Southern Trails or Topock. Your gas must be unparked within a negotiated period of time. Transportation to and from the parking location is accomplished through any applicable interstate or intrastate transportation agreement.


Why Park?

With a Golden Gate Market Center Park you may:


  • hold gas at a point of your choice until your market needs it
  • take advantage of a low price when you don't have a market lined up
  • lock in a profit by parking gas at a fixed price and hedging the sale (unpark) in a future month
  • keep your market in balance if it is not burning all the gas you bought

A Typical Parking Deal.


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