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Weekend on Call

Weekend on call information is updated by COB on Thursdays.

June 15-16

On-Call Sales and Services

Kevin Waden



1-(800) 343-4743

IM: CGTScheduling1

CGT Helpline: 1.800.343.4743

One toll-free call to the CGT Helpline puts you in touch with our Gas Scheduling team. Use the direct numbers below to reach our Senior Gas Traders and Account Managers.

Contact CGT Representatives

NamePhoneE-Mail / ICE Instant Message
Manager, Gas Trading Email CGT Sales
Allen DeBrum925.244.3498ICE IM: adebrum1
Gas Traders Email CGT Sales
Neil Bhakta925.244.3534ICE IM: nbhakta
Jaime Rincon925.244.3515ICE IM: jrincon1
Shannon Varjassy925.244.3533ICE IM: svarjassy2
Kevin Waden925.244.3526ICE IM: kwaden1
Account ManagersFax: 925.244.3544Email CGT Services
Alan Phongsa925.393.1402ICE IM: aphongsa
SchedulingFax: 925.244.4619Email CGT Scheduling
Giovanni Iniguez800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Gerri McVay800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Brian Mohr800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Trellis Reeves800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Raiona Walker800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Jason Wong800.343.4743ICE IM: CGTScheduling1 
Pipe Ranger Web Site Questions Email CGT Pipe Ranger
INSIDEtracc Support800.343.4743 
Biomethane Supply Interconnection Email CGT Biomethane
Kenneth Brennan925.244.3542