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California Gas Transmission (CGT) is a business unit of the northern California utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company. CGT operates and maintains PG&E's natural gas transmission and storage assets. These assets provide backbone transportation and storage services, which CGT markets through its Gold Coast Transportation and Golden Gate Market Center business lines.

Line Information


Line 300

Firm design capability - 935 MMcf/d 1,004 miles of 34" pipe


Interconnects with:

  • El Paso Natural Gas
  • Kern River
  • SoCal Gas
  • Transwestern


Line 400/401

Firm design capability - 2,060 MMcf/d 725 miles of 36" and 42" pipe


Interconnects with:

  • TransCanada's GTN System
  • Ruby Pipeline


Underground Storage

  • Maximum working gas (as of 6/11/2021): 52,460 MMcf