Storage Services Summary

Golden Gate Market Center

Components of Service

  • Firm Inventory
  • Firm or As-Available (AA) Injection
  • Firm or As-Available (AA) Withdrawal


Standard Features

  • Negotiable injection, inventory, and withdrawal ratios
  • Inventory required for the duration of contract
  • Firm and As-Available injection and withdrawal available year-round
  • Storage components may include reservation and usage price structures
  • Injection/withdrawal pricing can be fixed, indexed, or structured for profit sharing
  • Inventory transfers between Pacific Gas and Electric Company California Gas Transmission storage accounts
  • Inventory reservation charges are pro-rated over term of contract
  • Injection and withdrawal reservation fees are charged in applicable month
  • Injecting gas already at the Citygate or withdrawing gas and moving it to another Citygate location incur no incremental transportation costs. These nominations use Mission On as-available transportation, which has zero cost.
  • Gas from any interconnect may be injected by using on-system transportation on the appropriate path
  • Gas may be withdrawn and moved to any interconnect by using Mission Off transportation


Value-Added Features

  • Imbalance trading provides flexibility in managing transportation imbalances
  • Transportation to other receipt points (i.e., pipeline interconnects)
  • Trades to and from Market Center Park and Lend accounts
  • Transfers using Market Center to other receipt points
  • Capture short-term price volatility opportunities or seasonal price differentials
  • Ensure commodity price to reduce risk
  • Protection for your supply (deliveries from storage are (a) diverted last during an involuntary diversion and (b) not affected by upstream pipeline interconnect constraints
  • Year-round injection and withdrawal capability, adding flexibility to your portfolio
  • Mission Path transportation from storage accounts to Citygate at no charge
  • Trading from a park/lend account to a storage account does not require a nomination
  • Storage balances can be traded with other storage customers, adding flexibility in portfolio management
  • Storage as a backup supply can allow elimination of existing alternate fuel systems