What is Lending?

Golden Gate Market Center

Ever have your gas stuck in the basin due to an unplanned shutdown? Ever watch the border price start to climb and wish you had extra supply to sell in the swing market? If this sounds familiar, then the Golden Gate Market Center Lending service is your answer! A Golden Gate Market Center loan allows you to take advantage of those market opportunities as fast as they materialize, keeping you ahead of the market.


What is Lending?


Lending service provides interruptible loans of natural gas from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's system to meet your market demands. A Lend can be taken at Malin, the Citygate, Kern River Station, High Desert Lateral, Daggett, Southern Trails or Topock. The Lend is paid back in-kind within a negotiated term, which can run from one day to many months. Transportation to and from the lending location is accomplished through any applicable interstate or intrastate transportation agreement.


How Can I Use A Lend?


A Golden Gate Market Center Lend is equivalent to a source of gas and can be used as such for any transaction. A loan can replace supply cut in the basin, provide additional supply when market demand exceeds your forecast, or to take advantage of a favorable price spread between two time periods.


Typical Lend.


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