Golden Gate Market Center | A Typical Parking Deal

Let's say you have a hunch prices are going to run up at the end of the month at Topock. You buy 10,000 Dth/day above your market needs for the first half of November for $2.25/Dth, and arrange to Park it at Topock. You negotiate a deal where you can park 10,000 Dth/day for 15 days, for a total of 150,000 Dth, and unpark up to 15,000 Dth/day for the last 15 days of the month to give yourself some extra flexibility. You negotiate a Parking rate of $0.07/Dth.

As November moves along, you begin to park your gas. As you suspected, the weather gets cooler, and as demand rises, so do the prices. You wait until the market has peaked at $2.85, where you sell to a grateful buyer 15,000 Dth/day for the last 10 days of the month, making a nice profit of $0.53/Dth. 

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