12. Five Basic Trading Screen Functions

Imbalance Trading Online Training
  1. Retrieve and view Account Balances and Imbalances.
  2. Retrieve and view current and archived trades.
  3. Create trades to resolve imbalances.
  4. Confirm, reject and modify trades.
  5. View retained trades (OP Band/Current Position, in conjunction with trades into or out of storage accounts).

Retrieve and View Account Imbalances and Balances

Retrieve balances for up to two Balance and Imbalance Accounts at one time.


  • Enter Balance Account name(s) in one or both Balance Account fields in the main trading screen by typing in the field or clicking on the drop-down button.
  • Click once on the "Balance" button.

If you choose to view a Storage Account balance, the OP Band and Current Position will display. Once viewed, click on the "Close" button to return to the main trading screen.


Retrieve and View Current and Archived Trades

Current Trades
Click once on the "New" button to clear the screen fields. The Imbalance Month and Year fields are set to one month prior to the current Trade Period. Do not enter a different Imbalance Month and Year; click once on "Search."


Archived Trades
Click once on the "New" Button to clear the screen fields. The Imbalance Month and Year fields are set to one month prior to the current Trade Period.


Change the Imbalance Month and Year to that which you wish to retrieve; click once on "Search."


Create Trades

Trading partners do not use the electronic tool to negotiate. The Imbalance Trading tool is used only to input your trade, not to negotiate the terms of a trade.


Once the deal is finalized, trading partners exchange the following:


  • Customer Codes
  • Volume of trade, in therms
  • Balance Account Names and Types
  • Which partner will electronically enter the trade

The partner who enters the trade clicks "New" to clear the fields, enters the information above in the electronic trading screen, and clicks once on the "Submit" button.


Trade will display in both trading partners' Trades Table as pending.


Confirm, Reject and Modify a Trade

The confirming partner may view a pending trade by clicking once on the status pending for a particular trade in the Trades Table. Click once on the "Confirm" button; status will change to confirmed.


Follow the steps above, but click on the "Reject" button; the status will change to rejected. Either partner may reject a trade prior to confirmation.


View Retained Trades

Should a trade involving a Storage Balance Account not fit within the parameters of the OP Band/Current Position, it will display with a status of retained.


If the Current Position changes and allows the storage trade through, the trade status changes to confirmed.


retained trade may be rejected by either trading partner prior to confirmation.


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