13. Avoiding Problems

Imbalance Trading Online Training

Log On and Navigation

  • Remember that the logon User Name and Password are case sensitive.
  • Click on the "New" button prior to entering any new trades or searches.
  • Use the "Close" button provided by the trading tool or follow the screen directions.


Trading with Operating Imbalance Accounts

If the trade involves ONLY Operating Imbalances, the partner who enters the trade must manually change the imbalance month and year to three months prior.


For example, if the Trade Period is in June, change the imbalance month to March. Failure to change the month and year when trading between Operating Imbalance accounts will result in a date error message.


Refreshing the Screen:


  • Clear the screen fields by clicking on the "New" button.
  • Enter the correct imbalance month and year into screen fields.
    Remember, Operating Imbalance accounts require a different imbalance month and year.
  • Click only once on the "Search" button.


Expired Trades

Monitor pending and retained trades.


  • A status of pending could mean that further action or modification must be taken to correct an invalid trade.
  • retained or pending trade may be rejected by either partner prior to confirmation.


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14. Help

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