Emergency Flow Orders (EFO)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission may issue an EFO if deliveries to end-use customers are threatened due to supply and/or capacity shortages. An EFO would normally follow an OFO, but may be invoked without a preceding OFO. EFOs do not apply to oversupply (high inventory) situations.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company Actions

  • Implement EFO with as much notice as practicable under circumstances


Customer Actions for Compliance

  • Usage must be less than or equal to supply
  • California Production Balancing Agent (CPBA) scheduled deliveries may not exceed actual daily production deliveries
  • Zero percent tolerance


Method to Determine Noncompliance Charges

  • Noncore customers with Automated Meter Reading (AMR): noncompliance charges based on actual daily metered usage from a specified date
  • Noncore customers without AMR: noncompliance charges based on Average Daily Quantity (ADQ) specified in Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA) contract, or actual daily metered usage, whichever results in a lesser noncompliance charge
  • Core Transport Agents and Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Core Procurement: EFO noncompliance charges will initially be calculated based upon the determined usage (same-day) forecast. However, if the end of flow day core demand (day-after) forecast would result in a lower EFO noncompliance charge, the day-after forecast will be used instead of the same-day forecast.
  • CPBAs: noncompliance charges are based on scheduled nominations and actual daily production deliveries


Charges for Noncompliance

  • Noncompliance charge of ($50 plus the Daily Citygate Index)/Dth for all usage in excess of supply