PG&E Daily Demand by Customer Class (On-System)

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From 09/19/2019 to 9/12/2019

24 Hour Forecast435450435450420375380400
Day After Cast*432478439444399389390409
Noncore Industrial
24 Hour Forecast9609309759408759501020995
Day After Cast*942971961923849884949996
Noncore Electric Generation**
24 Hour Forecast360325400550475750850825
Day After Cast*339352366444506698805797

All numbers are expressed in MMcf/d.
"24 Hour Forecast" is the forecast issued on Plan 4 of the previous day.
*Day After Cast is an estimate of the actual gas used. The exact amount of gas used is not available until all meters are read and adjustments are made.
**Noncore Electric Generation represents all On-System gas-fired electric generation. This includes major co-generation, merchant plants, and PG&E's system generation.