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From 11/29/2021 to 11/22/2021

PG&E Core and Market Center8638874242384155
Wild Goose6536056066086241767501513
Gill Ranch13976767677777758
Central Valley7094957095000
Pipeline Balancing02128819484107340
PG&E Core and Market Center222211144
Wild Goose7276796806747012040698684
Gill Ranch1212121212222222
Central Valley-0-0-0-0-0-0-010
Pipeline Balancing170000000185
Balancing Gas
Imbalance Gas in Storage03966375935793546348934133387
PG&E Total Gas in Storage1317612928127551252212397122531217912352

All numbers are expressed in MMcf.

All numbers are expressed in MMcf. Archive data shown here is from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission final operating plan for the gas day. It represents estimates made the day after flow day, prior to the availability of metered or billing-quality data. This data is not audited nor adjusted if more accurate data becomes available.