9. The Trading Screen - Buttons

Imbalance Trading Online Training
SubmitEnters a trade proposal into the system prior to confirmation.
ConfirmConfirms and executes a trade in the system.
RejectNullifies an incorrect, invalid or unwanted trade; either partner may reject a trade prior to confirmation.
SearchQueries the system based on screen fields previously filled in by the user.
PriorPopulates the trade screen fields with previous record from the Trades Table.
NextPopulates the trading screen fields with a subsequent record from the Trades Table.
NewClick once prior to any new trade or search entry; clears all fields to prepare for a new trade or search. Month and Year fields are set to month prior to the Trade Period.
BalanceQueries the system for Balance and Imbalance Account balances based on screen fields you filled in.
CloseCloses the trading screen and returns user to the main INSIDEtracc window.


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