Important Points About Tariffs

Rates and Tariff
  • For backbone transportation service requests, either the MFV or SFV rate design may be chosen
  • If the customer elects the SFV rate design under Schedule G-AFTOFF, the customer may specify an on-system delivery point as an alternate to Kern River Station
  • On-system delivery points are: the Citygate, on-system storage accounts, an end-use customer on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's system, an on-system delivery pool or a parking or lending account at the Citygate
  • California Production is a receipt point but not a delivery point
  • Contracts may be assigned. There is no maximum or minimum price for selling capacity in the secondary market
  • Noncore tariffs cannot be used to serve a noncore end-user directly, thereby avoiding backbone transmission charges
  • CGT offers several different storage products. Firm storage can provide peaking service for electric generators, inventory for imbalance trading, injection, inventory and withdrawal for managing OFO/EFO situations and price arbitrage
  • As-available storage service is open only to holders of firm storage inventory