Imbalance Gas in Storage Reached Limit of 5 Bcf

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pipeline balancing services are provided on California Gas Transmission's system by an allocated 5.0 Bcf of storage inventory, 200 MMcf/d of injection capacity, and 300 MMcf/d of withdrawal capacity. The current inventory of Imbalance Gas in Storage can be found on the Pipe Ranger Operations page.

Recent over-deliveries by suppliers have increased Imbalance Gas in Storage to a level that has reached the upper limit of 5.0 Bcf. As such, this will cause a suspension of pipeline balancing injection service.

Without the ability to inject for balancing, the likelihood of high inventory OFOs increases.

What can shippers do to help avoid high inventory OFOs?

  • Balance supply and demand daily. Work to ensure that supplies brought in for your customers balance with their daily demands.
  • Keep an eye on the System Inventory Status information posted on Pipe Ranger.

Please call your CGT Representative if you have questions.

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