Customer Code List

Last Updated: November 16, 2023

This list of customer codes has been compiled and provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Company solely as a convenience to our customers. Neither Pacific Gas and Electric Company nor any of its employees:

  • Makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of this information; or
  • Assumes any liability with respect to the use of, or for damages resulting from the use of, this information.

Customer codes listed are the result of individual company feedback. This list will be updated periodically. Customers who would like to be included on this list, or those with changes or corrections to this list, may e-mail their request to CGT Services.

Customer Code Company
0268 AAA Energy Services LLC
0298 Aemetis Biogas LLC
0082 Ambit California, LLC
0294 ampRenew Offtake 1, LLC
0073 Anahau Energy, LLC
0236 Anew RNG, LLC
0077 Apache Corporation
0279 ARM Energy Management, LLC
0045 Association of Bay Area Governments - ABAG Power
0292 Bolt Energy Services LLC
0091 BP Canada Energy Marketing Corp.
0017 BP Energy Company
0111 California Energy Exchange Corp.
0186 Calpine Energy Services, LLC
0894 Calpine Energy Solutions
0092 CanNat Energy Inc.
0242 CarbonBetter, LLC
0555 Castleton Commodities Merchant Trading L.P.
0090 Central Valley Gas Storage
0192 Chevron Natural Gas
0187 CIMA Energy LP
0248 Citadel Energy Marketing LLC
0188 Citigroup Energy, Inc.
0172 City of Redding Electric Utility
0086 Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, LLC
0096 CNE Gas Supply, LLC
0190 Commercial Energy of Montana
0169 Concord Energy, LLC
0110 ConocoPhillips Company
0241 Constellation Energy Generation, LLC
0049 Constellation New Energy - Gas Division, LLC
0087 CRC Marketing, Inc.
0177 Devlar Energy Marketing, LLC
0037 Devon Canada Corporation
0161 DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants, LLC
0369 DRW Energy Trading LLC
0080 DTE Energy Trading, Inc.
0297 DXT Commodities North America Inc.
0179 Dynegy Marketing and Trade
0286 Eco-Energy Natural Gas, LLC
0247 EDF Energy Services, LLC
0229 EDF Trading North America, LLC
0271 Enercross, LLC
0288 ENGIE Energy Marketing NA, Inc.
0246 ETC Marketing, Ltd
0412 Enstor Energy Services, LLC
0265 Everyday Energy, LLC
0264 Freepoint Commodities, LLC
0327 GHI Energy, LLC
0333 Gill Ranch Storage, LLC
0314 Greenhouse Services Foundation
0281 Gunvor USA LLC
0367 Hartree Partners, LP
0368 Hilcorp San Juan LP
0667 ICE NGX Canada Inc.
0414 Interconn Resources, LLC
0413 Interstate Gas Supply, Inc.
0458 J. Aron & Company LLC
0295 J. P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation
0466 Jane Street Energy Marketing, LLC
0453 Johns Manville International, Inc.
0450 Jonan Energy
0194 Just Energy Solutions Inc.
0517 Koch Energy Services, LLC
0556 Lodi Gas Storage, L.L.C.
0594 MAAS Energy Works LLC
0112 Macquarie Energy LLC
0596 Mansfield Power and Gas, LLC
0293 Marathon Petroleum Company LP
0629 Mercuria Commodities Canada Corporation
0628 Mercuria Energy America
0621 Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc.
0625 Mieco LLC
0627 Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc.
0686 National Gas & Electric, LLC
0262 NextEra Energy Power Marketing, LLC
0680 NJR Energy Services Company
0684 North Star Gas Company LLC dba YEP Energy
0658 Northern California Power Agency
0270 NRG Business Marketing LLC
0757 Pacific Gas and Electric Company, on behalf of its Electric Fuels Function
0460 Pacific Summit Energy, LLC
0296 Park Power LLC
0743 PBM, LLC
0740 Peak Six Power & Gas, LLC
0741 PetroChina International (America), Inc.
0979 Peyto Energy Partnership
0760 PG&E Core Gas Supply
0736 Phillips 66 Energy Trading LLC
0738 Pioneer Exploration, LLC
0798 Powerex Corp.
0847 Radiate Energy LLC
0848 Repsol Energy North America
0864 Royal Bank of Canada
0859 Royale Energy, Inc.
0865 Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.
0940 Sacramento Municipal Utility District
0881 Safeway Inc.
0900 San Diego Gas & Electric Company
0938 San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc.
0932 School Project for Utility Rate Reduction
0867 Sempra Gas & Power Marketing, LLC
0883 Sequent Energy Management LLC
0267 SFE Energy California, Inc.
1021 Shell Energy North America (US), LP
0866 Six One Commodities LLC
0870 Smart One Energy LLC
0884 Southern California Edison Company
0948 Southern California Gas Company (Pipeline)
1020 Spark Energy Gas, LP
0291 Spire Marketing Inc.
0287 Spotlight Energy, LLC
0944 Standard Pacific Gas Line Incorporated
0931 State of California
0283 StateWise Energy California LLC
0891 Suncor Energy Marketing Inc.
0249 Symmetry Energy Solutions, LLC
0995 Targa Gas Marketing LLC
1024 TC Energy Marketing Inc.
0989 Tenaska Gas Storage, LLC
0982 Tenaska Marketing
0956 Tiger Natural Gas, Inc.
0996 Tourmaline Oil Marketing Corporation
0994 Trafigura Trading LLC
0993 TransAlta Energy Mktg (U.S.) Inc.
0750 TransCanada GTN
0971 Transwestern Pipeline Company
0275 Trillium USA Company LLC
0955 Turlock Irrigation District
0992 Twin Eagle Resource Management, LLC
9130 UET, LLC. dba Callective Energy
1010 Ulster Petroleums Ltd.
0278 Uniper Global Commodities North America LLC
1058 Vista Energy Marketing, LP
1060 Viridian Energy PA LLC
1061 Vitol Inc.
1098 Wave Energy LLC
0715 Wells Fargo Commodities, LLC
9119 Wild Goose Storage, LLC
1107 Williamson Energy, Inc.
1099 World Fuel Services, Inc.
1199 Xoom Energy California, LLC
0285 XTO Energy Inc.