4. Operating Imbalances

Imbalance Trading Online Training

Operating Imbalances apply only to PG&E's Core and Core Transport Groups. The imbalance is the difference between the determined usage (estimated) and the actual metered usage.


An Operating Imbalance may be resolved by trading with another Operating Imbalance, a Cumulative Imbalance, or a Storage Balance, and is not subject to a Tolerance Band.


Any Operating Imbalance remaining after the close of the Trade Period is transferred to the Operating Imbalance Carryover Account. A portion of this account (the Clearance Amount) is rolled into the following month's Cumulative Imbalance.


The Clearance Amount is normally defined as 1/12 of the Operating Imbalance Carryover Account balance. However, if this account balance is less than 5000 Dth, a Core Transport Agent (CTA) may request to have the entire balance rolled into the following month's Cumulative Imbalance.


The Core Transportation Agent (CTA) Imbalance Process can be seen more clearly on this linked pdf file.


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