INSIDEtracc URL Changing on September 14, 2022

Date: September 08, 2022

California Gas Transmission’s INSIDEtracc application will be undergoing a server upgrade. Due to this upgrade, the URL to INSIDEtracc will be changing starting the morning of September 14, 2022. On that morning, please start utilizing this new INSIDEtracc URL: You can also use the ‘Login’ link on the homepage of Pipe Ranger to access INSIDEtracc's new location. Please make sure to replace any bookmarks you may have with the new URL as soon as the new site is available.


If the new URL doesn't load in your web browser, that may be due to your company’s cyber security measures blocking unknown websites from loading. Please work with your IT team ahead of time to ensure the new URL will function normally for you moving forward.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CGT Account Manager.

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