Bumping Rules

Although regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, PG&E joins the ranks of FERC-regulated pipelines currently utilizing bumping. As agreed upon in Pacific Gas and Electric Company's 2004 Gas Transmission and Storage Rate case (Decision #03-12-061, effective January 1, 2004), CGT agreed to implement bumping as part of its gas scheduling process. As-available nominations will be bumped, if necessary, to allow room for firm nominations to flow.


How it Works

When the total requested nominated volume is greater than the available capacity at an interconnect or on a transportation path, nominations will be bumped. As-available nominations will be bumped by price to allow firm gas to flow, starting in the nomination cycle prior to the current cycle, and working back through each subsequent cycle.


After as-available bumping has taken place, if nominated firm gas cannot flow due to system constraints at an interconnect or on a path, firm nominations will then be bumped pro rata, starting in the nomination cycle prior to the current cycle, and working back through each subsequent cycle.


Bumping will occur in the Evening, Intraday 1, and Intraday 2 nomination cycles, and can affect nominations back to the Timely cycle. The affected nomination will be at the point where transportation occurs on the PG&E system (i.e., those nominations that require a transportation ID number). When this happens, the buyer and seller for the affected nomination will both see a new cut code on their 100 Reports next to the nomination, either BMP-01 or BMP-02, designating whether the cut is at the interconnect point or on the path.


Once nominations have been processed, the CGT Gas Scheduling group will unlock the 100 Report. Simultaneously, for those customers whose nominations have been bumped, an e-mail will be sent to the Operating Communications and Scheduling role contacts listed in INSIDEtracc. Please contact a CGT Account Services Representative if you would like to verify your company personnel listed in these roles.


Points to Remember

  • All as-available nominations will be bumped first, within cycles, by price

  • As-available nominations will not bump firm nominations

  • Firm nominations will be bumped within cycles, pro rata, after as-available nominations have been bumped