SGIP Handbook and Forms

2013 Handbook and Forms

California Supplier

SGIP participants may be eligible for an additional 20 percent incentive if they qualify as a California Supplier. Please use the California Supplier Projects Form (DOC, 73 KB) for all requests to be considered for the California supplier status by the SGIP working group.

Performance Data Provider

Projects over 30 kW in size are required to contract with a Performance Data Provider (PDP) for data collection and Performance Based Incentive (PBI) purposes. Providers interested in becoming a PDP should review the PDP File Format Spec (PDF, 77 KB) and complete the PDP Application Questionnaire (DOC, 51 KB) detailing their ability to meet the PDP requirements.

Field Inspection

Field Inspection Checklists
For all PG&E SGIP field verification inspections.

Program Modification

SGIP Program Modification Guideline (PMG) (PDF, 104 KB)
For Applicants who would like to propose new technologies or program rule modifications to the Working Group and the CPUC for careful and complete consideration in an efficient manner. Request Form is included in the PMG.

Program Modification Request Form (DOC, 133 KB)

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