PG&E's Environmental Commitment

As a provider of electricity and natural gas to approximately 40 percent of Californians and 1 in 20 Americans, we recognize that the way we produce and deliver our products and serve our customers has a direct impact on the environment. We understand that environmental excellence is necessary to be a leader in our industry and to the success of our business. A healthy environment is also necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve—as well as society at large.

That's why our environmental commitment extends beyond compliance. Our vision of becoming the nation's leading utility requires that we raise the bar for ourselves, and that we work with others to do the same.

We are taking a lead in various parts of our business, including delivering some of the nation's cleanest electric power, bringing more renewable energy to our customers, and supporting our customers through a robust array of customer energy solutions that include energy efficiency, demand response, and solar programs and incentives. We are also committed to sharing information about our actions, taking responsibility for our historic environmental impacts, and operating in a way that is consistent with our environmental justice principles.

Learn more about What We're Doing to reduce our carbon footprint and put our environmental commitment into action.

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