SGIP—Equipment Eligibility

Program participants are eligible to receive incentives under this program for installing self-generation technologies based on system type, size, fuel source and out-of-pocket costs.

The Incentive Levels for 2013 are as follows:

$33.4M per year
in Available Incentives
75% Renewable & Emerging/
25% Non-Renewable
Incentive LevelsTechnologyIncentive ($/Watt)
Renewable, Waste Heat Capture TechnologiesWind Turbines$1.19/W
Waste Heat to Power$1.19/W
Pressure Reduction Turbine$1.19/W
Renewable microturbine (onsite or directed biogas)$2.28/W*
Renewable internal combustion engine (onsite or directed biogas)$2.28/W*
Renewable gas turbine (onsite or directed biogas)$2.28/W*
Renewable fuel cells (onsite or directed biogas)$3.83/W*
Emerging TechnologiesAdvanced Energy Storage$1.80/W
Fuel Cells - CHP or Electric$2.03/W
Non-Renewable TechnologiesNon-renewable microturbine$0.48/W
Non-renewable internal combustion engine$0.48W
Non-renewable gas turbine$0.48/W

* Includes $1.80/W Biogas Adder

For projects that are greater than 1 MW up to 3 MW, the incentives identified above declines according to the schedule below:

Tiered Pricing Structure

CapacityIncentive Rate (Pct. of Base)
0 – 1 MW100%
>1 MW – 2 MW50%
>2 MW – 3 MW25%
  • Project Maximum: 60% of approved project costs.