What You Can Do

PG&E's Proposed Green Option

PG&E is proposing the “Green Option” in response to requests from customers, elected officials, and the environmental community for more ways to promote renewable energy.

Diverse Supplier Go Green Program

Diverse Suppliers Go Green initiative is part of PG&E's commitment to the environment and to the success of diverse businesses in our community.

Learn Ways to Save Energy

Make your business more energy efficient with our SmartEnergy Analyzer™ and more.

Earn Rebates

Get cash rebates and incentives for equipment and products.

Go Solar

Tap the power of the sun, and take advantage of money-saving incentives from PG&E.

Visit Our Pacific Energy Center

Get design advice, borrow tools, and take classes.

SmartEnergy Analyzer™

Identify simple ways to save energy and reduce your monthly energy bills.

Sell your renewable energy to PG&E

The feed-in tariffs enable small renewable generators to sell their power to PG&E.

  • On-Bill Financing
  • High tech incentives