Standard Net Energy Metering (NEMS)

NEMS (previously Standard E-NET) is a net energy metering program for all customers with eligible solar, wind or hybrid (solar and wind) generators that are less than or equal to 30 kilowatts in size.

NOTE: Customers must not operate any generating facility in parallel with Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) distribution facilities until they receive written authorization from PG&E, as is required in Electric Rule 21. Unauthorized operation may result in personal injury, equipment damage and/or property damage for which the customer may be liable.

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How do I apply?

All the listed components, correctly filled out, constitute a complete Standard NEM application:

Item RequestedWhy it is Requested
Agreement Form 79-1101 (PDF, 570 KB)Gives important customer, contractor, and system information about the project.
Single Line DiagramSimple diagram for technical review. Here is an example.
Signed off building permitLets us know that the project has been finished and approved by local building authority. Note that we only require the final signed off permit showing that the construction is complete, approved by the local authorities, and ready for installation of the NEM ‘bi-directional’ meter.
Copy of recent electric bill for project siteHelps us verify customer’s account for project site.
Payment of meter fee, if applicable.Check NEM Meter Costs by Rate (PDF, 53 KB) to see if your application requires a meter fee.

Attention: PG&E may not be able to interconnect your generator if it is located in certain areas of San Francisco or Oakland. Please read our notice about Secondary Networks.

You can mail or fax them to us. You can also email soft copies in pdf format to us.

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Our Street Address:
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I am building a new home and plan to add solar or wind power. How do I initiate net metering for my new home?

To establish an account under your name for your new home, contact your local Pacific Gas and Electric Company Service Planning office. Call 1-800-PGE-5000 for the appropriate number. Once you have an account set up under your name, you can fill out and send us the agreement package. When the agreement package has been received, including the signed-off building permit showing that the project is complete and approved by your local building inspector, PG&E will install a “net meter” and start your net metering account.

How long will it take for me to be interconnected?

After we receive a complete agreement package we try to perform the interconnection as soon as possible. We are required by statute to perform the interconnection within 30 working days.
For a list of the components required for a complete application, check here.

Why does PG&E need access to my meter and what kind of access does it need?

PG&E owns the meter, and needs reasonable access to read and maintain the meter to ensure accurate billing. PG&E also requires 24 hour access to the meter (and disconnect switch, if installed), so that PG&E workers may disconnect the system in the event of an emergency or to correct unsafe operating conditions.

Authorizing someone to represent you

Information about your account is confidential. PG&E cannot share your account information without your consent. On form 79-1101 you can check a box under your contractor information or another contact of your choice. This permission is granted for a limited time frame. If you do not require PG&E to share your account information with your contractor and plan to fill out all the application materials yourself, then do not check the box.

My generation system is running fine and causing no problems now; why does it need to be authorized by PG&E?

PG&E is required by Rule 21 to authorize the interconnection of all generation systems to PG&E's grid. Generation systems must meet all the requirements of Rule 21 and receive written permission from PG&E to interconnect. The requirements in Rule 21 help ensure safety and reliability for all customers on the grid. As part of the inspection for NEMS, PG&E will install a "net meter" suitable to record net export of energy to the grid, which will ensure that customers with Net Energy Metering accounts receive proper credit for the electricity their system exports to the grid.

I’ve just bought a house with a renewable energy generator connected to the grid. Do I have to notify PG&E when I set up my new electric account?

If the previous owner of the house had a previously approved NEM account and no changes have been made to the generator, you will automatically be set up with a NEM account. Note that if you change any of the components in your generating system you will have to notify PG&E. See below.

How much will it cost to participate in net metering? Do I need any special equipment?

Aside from your cost to build the generation system, project costs required by PG&E to interconnect will vary by scope, size, and complexity. Possible costs include metering equipment and utility equipment upgrades necessary to interconnect your generator.

Will having my own generator ensure that I will have power during a blackout?

Blackout coverage depends on how your system is configured. The contractor who installs your system should be able to provide you with guidance on this. Another source of information on system design for backup power is available on the California Energy Commission Website and is called, “A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation.” It can be found here.

Why do I have to notify PG&E if I add to or change the components of my generating system?

Your Interconnection Agreement (the legal contract authorizing you to interconnect to the electric grid) specifies the equipment you use so if you change equipment the contract may have to be updated. And your new equipment will need to be reviewed by our engineers so we can assure the continued safety and reliability of the grid. We appreciate your cooperation.

Now that my generation system has been approved, am I off the grid?

Once your system has been given written approval by PG&E, it does not go entirely off the grid. Your system will be "interconnected," which means that it may export power to the grid, but when your generating system is off or is not supplying all of your needs, PG&E will still provide you with power. For safety, PG&E linemen may have to shut off your generating system from the grid if they need to do work on the lines near your site. Please co-operate to ensure safe working conditions for our workers.

Who should I contact for additional information?

For questions about PG&E’s renewable programs and NEM accounts contact customer service.

For questions about interconnection, you can email us at or leave a message with our special ‘hot-line’ for NEMS questions: 415-972-5676.