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Recent website updates give you new, time-saving
tools to manage your account online.
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View & Pay Your Bill Online

Set up automatic, recurring payments or make a one-time payment through your bank or with your credit card.
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Take a Balanced Approach

Avoid big swings in your payments. The Balanced Payment Plan averages your past energy costs so you pay a predictable amount each month.
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Relax, It’s Automatic

Take the worry away. Sign up for automatic payments to ensure that your PG&E bill is paid on schedule each and every month.
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Report & View Outages

Now you can report outages, view outage locations and find out when power will be restored—all from your computer or mobile device.
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Change Your Payment Date

Sometimes you need a few extra days to pay your bill. Flexible payment arrangements are available online.
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Go Paperless

Sign up for Paperless Billing, a convenient way to receive your PG&E bill each month. It’s fast, easy and secure.
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