Energy Efficiency Financing

Apply for a 0% Interest Loan Between $5,000 and $100,000

Now companies like yours can qualify for a 0% interest loan of up to $100,000. With that you can replace old and inefficient equipment with no up-front out-of-pocket investment. You’ll have up to 5 years for repayment – after that the benefits of new or improved equipment and reduced energy use are yours to enjoy.

Financing is available to fund many technologies, including lighting, HVAC, electric motors, LED street lights, refrigeration, food service equipment and water pumps. Your project may be eligible for Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) if it qualifies for a rebate or incentive through a PG&E program, including Customized Retrofit Incentives, certain PG&E third-party programs, the LED Street Light Program or certain product rebate programs.

Single end-use lighting shall comprise no more than 20% of the total loan amount. Targeted lighting measures will be exempt from this restriction. Targeted lighting is currently defined as LED retrofits and advanced lighting controls measures. Only LED retrofit measures (such as LED integral lamps, LED retrofit kits, and LED fixtures), and lighting controls that exceed the requirements of Title 24 will be exempt from the 20% cap at this time. This requirement does not apply to institutional (government agency) customers.

EE Financing

Loan funds must be used to purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient equipment. You may use a contractor or install the equipment yourself. PG&E will inspect your facility before you remove the old equipment, and again after the new products are operating.

Loan terms and monthly payment amounts are determined based on your estimated monthly savings from the new products. Business customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $100,000, with loan periods of up to 60 months. Government agencies may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $250,000 per PG&E meter, with loan periods of up to 120 months.

How It Works: An Energy Efficiency Financing Example

Project Cost $10,000
Energy Efficiency Rebates and/or Incentives $2,500
Loan Amount (remaining costs to be funded) $7,500
Estimated Monthly Energy Savings from Retrofit $300
Monthly Loan Installment Billed on Energy Statement $300
Simple Payback Period
(loan amount divided by monthly payment amount)
25 months
PG&E can help you determine if your energy efficiency project qualifies for this program. Contact your Account Representative or call the PG&E Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

Note: Energy Efficiency Financing is provided to eligible PG&E customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available.
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