Electric Rates

Current and historic electric rates.

Residential Inclu TOU


Residential Time-Of-Use

Residential Baseline Territories and Quantities

Commercial/General Service (A-1, A-6, A-10, E-19)

Commercial/General Service (B-1, B-6, B-10, B-19)

Commercial/General Service (A-10 Only)

Commercial/General Service (B-10 Only)

Commercial Business Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Industrial/General Service (E-20)

Industrial/Gen. Svc. (B-20)

Streetlight Rates

   LS-1 Rates:
   LS-2 Rates:
   LS-3 Rates:

Traffic Control Service (TC-1)

Small Agricultural

Large Agricultural

Agricultural Time-of-Use

Rates E36 and E37

Standby (S)

Standby (SB)

Time-Of-Use (TOU) Holidays

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