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From 04/27/2016 to 4/20/2016

PG&E Core and Market Center323338439423420442320398
Wild Goose498525511492512560347436
Gill Ranch801071221221221119596
Central Valley1617171616171614
Pipeline Balancing62031757624490
PG&E Core and Market Center142126126126126125235213
Wild Goose266299258248258279359302
Gill Ranch5858585858585858
Central Valley1010101010101010
Pipeline Balancing02500000102
Balancing Gas
Imbalance Gas in Storage31533069306231653030294830372801
PG&E Total Gas in Storage8455984371840268365483283829438280982726

All numbers are expressed in MMcf/d.

All numbers are expressed in MMcf/d. Archive data shown here is from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission final operating plan for the gas day. It represents estimates made the day after flow day, prior to the availability of metered or billing-quality data. This data is not audited nor adjusted if more accurate data becomes available.