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From 11/24/2015 to 11/17/2015

PG&E Core and Market Center40163514310261010
Wild Goose370536559560439371606345
Gill Ranch222222122
Central Valley22223626262
Pipeline Balancing006531132000
PG&E Core and Market Center354178169169313122449404
Wild Goose348249249249291310298330
Gill Ranch332414143011255
Central Valley6564575657282828
Pipeline Balancing861350004963107
Balancing Gas
Imbalance Gas in Storage22872298242522242279215222472163
PG&E Total Gas in Storage9673197028970979709297263974089791098412

All numbers are expressed in MMcf/d.

All numbers are expressed in MMcf/d. Archive data shown here is from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission final operating plan for the gas day. It represents estimates made the day after flow day, prior to the availability of metered or billing-quality data. This data is not audited nor adjusted if more accurate data becomes available.