Scheduling Template

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission Scheduling Group has developed a spreadsheet template for use when INSIDEtracc is not accessible. The template enables you to e-mail your nominations in a standardized format for accurate processing. Your spreadsheet must be received thirty minutes prior to nomination deadlines and is to be used only when INSIDEtracc is not available. You can download the template from Pipe Ranger in the Forms section on the Library page. Complete instructions are contained in the file under the "Instructions & Code Definitions" tab.

CGT's Gas Scheduling Group is eager to assist you with your scheduling needs, and we recognize the importance of quick response time as deadlines approach. On those occasions when you must leave voice mail, please give a detailed explanation about the nature and urgency of your call. This will allow us to investigate your problem and be prepared with a solution when we return your call.

Of course, the best way to ensure that you get a quick response is to call early. As deadlines approach, the call volume to our Helpline increases tremendously.

Our goal is to provide you with prompt and reliable service, and we welcome your ideas on how we can better serve you. Please send your comments to our scheduling e-mail address at