Reports for E-Confirm

New Reports for E-Confirm

Note: Recommended display setting for reports is 1024 x 768. To verify your setting, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click the Display selection. Select the Settings tab, and verify the pixel selection in the Screen Area box.

Report 790: E-Modifications to Contracts
The 790 Report is a summary of the different versions of Agreements and Exhibits. A new version of an Agreement is created when the contact information is updated. A new version of an Exhibit is created when MDQ quantities, term limits, or the offer description is updated. This report will allow the customer to easily see what has been modified in each version of Agreements and Exhibits.

Report 791: E-Notify Contacts
The 791 Report lists the customer contacts assigned to the E-Notify role, as shown on Exhibit B of the Electronic Commerce System User Agreement. These contacts will receive (1) initial e-mail notifications that the Exhibit is ready to E-Confirm, and (2) final e-mail notifications stating who E-Confirmed the Exhibit.

Report 792: E-Status of Contracts
The 792 Report lists the E-Confirm history of Exhibits. The report includes the contract type (e.g. GTSA Exhibit), and the Contract Status, Date, and individual who E-Confirmed the Exhibit.