E-Confirm Online Training: E-Confirm GTSA Exhibit

  • Gas Transmission Service Agreement exhibit terms are agreed upon by you and a California Gas Transmission representative during a telephone conversation. This resulting agreement is recorded. CGT then creates an exhibit in INSIDEtracc reflecting these terms. CGT will send an e-mail notification to individuals listed on Exhibit B stating that your GTSA exhibit is available to "E-Confirm" in INSIDEtracc.
  • From the Pipe Ranger Home page, log in to INSIDEtracc.
Pipeline Home Page
  • You will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password.
Login Screen
  • At the INSIDEtracc main window, navigate to Contracts, Query Exhibits. Choose Transportation, Park/Lend, or Storage to view each type of exhibit.
Contracts DropDown
  • Filter your query to Active (default), All, or Past 12 Months.
    • Additional Transportation exhibit filters are for Rate Schedule and/or Path.
    • Additional Park/Lend exhibit filters are for Rate Schedule and/or Location.
    • Additional Storage exhibit filter is for Rate Schedule.
  • Click the Query button to retrieve your exhibit information.
Query Transportation Exhibits ScreenFilter By Dropdown Options
  • Results will populate a table below the query window.

    Preview the full text of the exhibit online by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the exhibit, or the Submit Report icon to send a copy of the exhibit to the printer.
  • Click the E-Confirm icon from your INSIDEtracc screen when you are ready to electronically confirm your exhibit. The E-Status of your exhibit as shown in the table will change from Not E-Confirmed to E-Confirmed, and the E-Confirm icon will disappear.
E-Status Table

Magnifying Glass, Submit Report, and E-Confirm icons:

Magnifying Glass icon    Submit Report icon    E-confirm icon
  • Use the Submit Report icon to run a report with the exhibit text, which will now reflect the Date/Time/User ID stamp of your E-Confirmation.
  • Once you E-Confirm your exhibit, you will receive an e-mail notification from CGT stating your GTSA exhibit has been E-Confirmed. This notification will state the Date, Time and User ID of the individual who E-Confirmed the exhibit.