Gas Transmission Interconnections

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Transmission Project Development

Gas Transmission Interconnection

Interconnecting with PG&E generally takes between 12-18 months from start of preliminary engineering to the commissioning of transmission level gas service to your project site. Many factors can impact this timeframe such as complexity of design, permitting, construction crew availability, material availability, environmental requirements, inclement weather and other factors.

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Fuel Strategy

Large Gas Solutions Program

PG&E is collaborating with customers to provide creative, reliable fuel solutions as well as promoting cost reductions, increased profitability, transparency in communication and clean energy results for our communities.

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Core Commercial Gas Rates

Core Customers

Core customers are non-residential customers whose gas use does not meet the minimum usage requirements specified in the noncore rate schedules, or whose gas use meets the minimum usage requirements, but do not elect to be classified as a Noncore customer.

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