Golden Gate Market Center | Storage Service Program

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Golden Gate Market Center offers long-term storage, as well as short-term Parking and Lending services. Storage service can be customized to meet each customer's needs, including additional market area supply reliability, price arbitrage opportunities, and operational flexibility.

Firm capacity allocated to the noncore storage program

  • Injection: 22 MDth/d
  • Inventory: 4.8 MMDth
  • Withdrawal: 159 MDth/d

Contractual Requirements

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company requires all customers to meet creditworthiness approval. A California Gas Transmission credit application is available in .pdf format as one of our Standard Forms.
  • Storage end-use customers need an executed Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA) and a Gas Transmission Service Agreement (GTSA). Marketers need only a GTSA.
  • The GTSA, NGSA (if required), and the necessary transportation and storage exhibits must be submitted before service can be extended.

Program Benefits

  • Protection from involuntary diversion: During an Involuntary Diversion, when gas deliveries to core customers are threatened, gas withdrawn from storage is the last gas diverted to serve core customers
  • As-Available services: Allows withdrawal during the winter and summer and injection during the winter and summer storage season
  • Imbalance trading: Allows flexibility in managing imbalances
  • Inventory transfer: Allows a customer to trade storage inventory balances with other CGT storage customers for added portfolio management and flexibility
  • Hedging: Storage can provide an opportunity to hedge other gas deals and allows customers to minimize risk and lock in prices for natural gas
  • Back-up supply: Customers contemplating getting rid of alternate fuel systems may be able to save money using storage for backup. Benefits could include lower maintenance and elimination of testing backup systems