Golden Gate Market Center | Parking and Lending Services

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Golden Gate Market Center offers short-term parking and lending services, as well as long-term Storage Services. Parking and lending services can be customized to meet each customer's needs, including additional market area supply reliability, price arbitrage opportunities, and operational flexibility.


  • Any customer who meets Pacific Gas and Electric Company's creditworthiness requirements


  • Minimum of one day


  • Transactions at specific points: Malin, the Citygate, Kern River Station, High Desert Lateral, Daggett, Southern Trails and Topock.
  • Customers must choose a point; transactions must begin and end at the same point
  • Customers are responsible for their own transportation


  • Negotiated between a tariff cap and floor


  • Use for short or long-term arbitrage
  • Solve operational problems caused by pipeline maintenance or basin restriction
  • Combine with other storage and transportation products to meet individual needs