Golden Gate Market Center | A Typical Lending Deal

It's been one of those days. Your gas is held up at the border in Canada, your transport agreements are nowhere near your take requirements, and you are about to have to call your favorite customer to tell them the gas you promised will not be arriving today.

But wait! You just remembered a conversation with your California Gas Transmission Sales Representative, and how the Golden Gate Market Center can help you out of a jam. You phone CGT, where an eager Sales Rep answers, ready to serve. You explain your predicament and ask for some guidance.

The CGT Rep offers you a same day lend at Malin, saying there is room at Kern River Station to get into SoCal. You do some quick calling and figure that you can buy gas to pay back the lend next week for $0.10 less than the best offer you had to dump your gas today in Canada. You negotiate a Lend for the 25,000 Dth you're short, and agree to repay the Malin gas by next Friday. You place an intraday nomination and breathe a sigh of relief, phoning your market to see what they're doing for lunch!