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Archive Searching Instructions

Use the forms below to build a custom Supply and Demand Archive or Storage Activity Archive listing. In addition to choosing a specific date range, you may also specify the file format. If you choose the Excel option, make sure to read the directions at the bottom of this page. If you choose to view the data as a web page, you will have the opportunity at the top of the results page to choose a different date range or report style.

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Excel Format Directions

MS Windows PC/MS Internet Explorer

When you request a custom archive in Excel format for the first time, you will be presented with two dialog boxes.

In the first dialog box, choose the Open option.

In the second dialog box, select Microsoft Excel and leave the Always use this program to open these files box checked. Click OK.

The file will then open in Microsoft Excel. The next time you open an archive in Excel, you should only have to specify running the file from its current location.

Archive data shown here is from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission final operating plan for the gas day. It represents estimates made the day after flow day, prior to the availability of metered or billing-quality data. This data is not audited nor adjusted if more accurate data becomes available.