Physical Pipeline Capacities

Physical Pipeline Capacities
As of September 21, 2018
(Receipt Point Capacity, MMcf)
September 21, 2018September 22, 2018
Redwood Path1
Redwood Path Capacity2,2002,200
From Gas Transmission Northwest2,0902,090
From Ruby1,5001,500
Baja Path
Baja Path Capacity – Hinkley380350
Baja Path Capacity – Kettleman450450
From KRGT - HDL100100
From KRGT - Daggett375375
From Southern Trails120120
From El Paso Natural Gas1,1401,140
From Transwestern385385
To SoCalGas630630
To KRGT - HDL282282

1As-available volumes may be reduced below this level to accommodate Wild Goose Storage and Lodi Gas Storage withdrawal volumes.

Pipeline Maintenance News details maintenance events on CGT's backbone transmission pipelines and the corresponding forecast capacity reductions on the Redwood and Baja paths. Physical Pipeline Capacity shows daily physical capacity at the various interconnections to CGT.