Storage Maintenance Postponed

Friday, June 12, 2020


Due to unforeseen circumstances, CGT will postpone the planned maintenance at PG&E’s storage facilities for June 12 through 14. Effective immediately, PG&E’s storage injection capacity has been returned to normal operations.

Please call your CGT Representative if you have any questions.

---Original Message 06/10/2020 09:10 a.m ----

Due to planned maintenance at PG&E’s storage facilities, California Gas Transmission is estimating a reduced injection capacity of 57 MMcf/day for gas days June 12 through June 14. All PG&E firm storage customer injections will likely be curtailed. PG&E does not anticipate any impact on deliveries to end-use customers.

Pipeline balancing services will continue to remain in effect under the regular protocols but at a reduced capacity of 57 MMcf/day of injection. As a reminder, beginning April 1, 2020, pipeline balancing service is an allocated 5 Bcf of storage inventory, 200 MMcf/d of injection capacity, and 300 MMcf/d of withdrawal capacity. PG&E balancing resources are only utilized during the gas intraday to manage the end-of-day pipeline inventory. Without the ability to fully inject for balancing, the likelihood of high inventory OFOs increases during this time period.

What can shippers do to help avoid high inventory OFOs?

Balance supply and demand daily. Work to ensure that supplies brought in for your customers balance with their daily demands.

Keep an eye on the Pipe Ranger Operations page for the System Inventory Status information and the current inventory of Imbalance Gas in Storage. To view each day’s maximum storage injection and/or withdrawal capacity, our PG&E Supply and Demand Forecast (Net Physical Flows) page on Pipe Ranger is a great resource.

Please call your CGT Representative if you have questions.

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