Pipeline Balancing Withdrawal Unavailable

Monday, December 09, 2019

Pipeline balancing services are provided on California Gas Transmission's system by an allocated 4.040 Bcf of storage inventory, 75 MMcf/d of injection capacity, and 75 MMcf/d of withdrawal capacity. The current inventory of Imbalance Gas in Storage can be found on the Pipe Ranger Operations page.

Recent under-deliveries by suppliers have decreased Imbalance Gas in Storage to a level that has approached the lower limit of 0 Bcf and has caused suspension of pipeline balancing withdrawal.

Without the ability to withdraw for balancing, the likelihood of low inventory OFOs increases.

What can shippers do to help avoid low inventory OFOs?

  • Balance supply and demand daily. Work to ensure that supplies brought in for your customers balance with their daily demands.
  • Keep an eye on the System Inventory Status information posted on Pipe Ranger.

Please call your CGT Representative if you have questions.