Limited Nominations at Ruby Interconnect for Gas Day August 20

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

PG&E's California Gas Transmission would like to remind you that planned compressor station maintenance on the Ruby Pipeline will cause limited flows at the Ruby-CGT interconnect (Onyx Hill) on gas day, August 20, 2019. Flows at Onyx Hill coming into PG&E’s California Gas Transmission system will be significantly reduced to between 50-100 MDth for the Timely, Evening, and Intraday 1 nomination cycles.

When confirming gas for the Intraday 2 (ID2) and Intraday 3 (ID3) nomination cycle, CGT will be limited based on the following three factors:

  • The total capacity available on the Redwood Path
  • The amount of gas that CGT has previously scheduled to flow from Gas Transmission Northwest at Malin during the first three nomination cycles
  • The fact that, for ID2 and ID 3, there are only 15 hours of flow remaining in the gas day

Ruby Pipeline’s outage capacity is stated to be 931 MDth on August 20 for ID2 (Cycle 4) through ID3 (Cycle 5). Based on current expectations of the three factors above, CGT's forecast for gas deliveries that CGT can take at Onyx Hill for ID2 and ID3 will be more closely estimated after the Timely cycle for gas day August 20th has been processed. Due to the two remaining nomination cycles, CGT forecasts that we may be able to take deliveries in a range between 200 MDth and 400 MDth which is less than Ruby’s stated outage capacity.

If you have further questions, please contact your CGT Scheduling or Sales Representative.

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