Download Historical Pipeline Maintenance Data on Pipe Ranger

Thursday, December 07, 2017

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California Gas Transmission is thrilled to announce our newest Pipe Ranger feature: the ability to download historical pipeline maintenance data! Customers will no longer need to manually track pipeline maintenance updates in order to look at historical information.

This popularly requested feature launched this morning and can be found towards the bottom of the Pipeline Maintenance page under the section titled Download Pipeline Maintenance History. The feature is very straight forward to use. Simply enter a start date, the amount of preceding days you’d like to view and then click on the Download button. An Excel document will download to your computer listing the pipeline maintenance information for the date span you entered.

The feature launches with the last 365 days in its database and will continue to fill in as time moves forward. One thing to note is that the Excel document only lists capacity information for days that were affected by maintenance. Any days not affected by maintenance would have flowed at max capacity and hence are not being listed in the download. You can find each path’s max capacity listed on our Pipeline Maintenance page.

Although we are very excited to roll this out, we are not resting on our laurels! Early next year, we will continue to flesh this feature out by adding in historical data for Limitations at Specific Interconnects. So please be on the lookout for that. As always we ask that you keep an eye on the bright red “10” icon above. That lets you know that CGT is listening and is always looking for ways to improve your customer satisfaction experience! If you have any questions about the new feature, please reach out to your CGT Account Manager.

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