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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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As California Gas Transmission nears the end of 2017, we thought it might be a good time to reflect on the system improvements we have made over the last year to better serve you, our amazing customers.

INSIDEtracc Improvements 

  • Read-Only access for individuals who simply need access to information but want to avoid making changes to the system
  • New 407A Report, a version of the Billed Usage Agent Report which dramatically improves readability in Excel

Pipe Ranger

  • OFO Outlook enhancement, now showing high or low OFO specific detail on the homepage of Pipe Ranger
  • Instantly convert Physical Pipeline Capacity and Scheduled Volumes capacity data from MMcf to Dth or vice versa 

Near Future Enhancements 

  • Pipeline maintenance archive, download an Excel document showing past maintenance information
  • CGT Academy, a video tutorial series detailing how to use various tools within our Pipe Ranger and INSIDEtracc platforms (use this survey to send us ideas on which areas we should cover!)

We will continue to listen to your suggestions as we work tirelessly to give you, our amazing customers, excellent service. We can’t wait to continue working with all of you well into 2018 and beyond!