Reminder: Core Firm Storage Rights Have Changed

Friday, March 24, 2017

Core Firm Storage Injection & Withdrawal Rights

With Storage Injection Season starting on April 1, we'd like to remind you that on November 1, 2016, revisions were implemented to PG&E’s gas schedule G-CT (Core Gas Aggregation Service) and gas schedule G-CFS (Core Firm Storage), in compliance with Decision 16-06-056. The final Decision, per Advice Filing 3734-G, includes the following changes to core firm storage injection and withdrawal rights:

Regardless of annual inventory, injection during the summer months and withdrawal during the winter months for all G-CFS customers will be variable. Countercyclical injection and withdrawal remain unchanged.

The variable injection and withdrawal capacity (Dth/day) will change depending on the following variables.

  • AI = Annual Inventory 
  • CI = Current Inventory (Balance) 
  • WA = Withdrawal Adjustment

Injection Capacity (April through October) = [(AI * 207) – (CI * 92)] / 33,478

Withdrawal Capacity (November through March) = [AI * (970 + WA) + (CI * 283)] / 33,478

Time Period Withdrawal Adjustment (WA) Values
11/1 11/30 0
12/1 1/15 122
1/16 1/31 100
2/1 2/14 -50
2/15 2/29 -100
3/1 3/31 -250

Countercyclical injection and withdrawal capacity = (AI / 33,477,700) * 50,000

Excel Tool Illustrates Capacity Changes Based on Inventory

To assist with these changes, PG&E’s California Gas Transmission provides a helpful Excel tool. In addition to the daily push notification e-mails and the 572 Report in INSIDEtracc, this tool illustrates how injection and withdrawal capacities change based on your annual and current inventory, depending on the season.

The tool is for illustrative purposes only and is not meant to be used as an official representation of actual MDQs.

If you have any questions about these changes or the Excel tool, please do not hesitate to contact your CGT Account Manager.

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