Read-Only Access to INSIDEtracc Now Available!

Friday, February 03, 2017

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California Gas Transmission is excited to announce that Read-Only Access has finally arrived to INSIDEtracc!

What Is Read-Only Access?

Currently, all users who are registered with INSIDEtracc accounts have what is called Transaction Enabled Access. This means that a user can edit information and input transactions.

Read-Only Access means that a user can view details, bills and statements, and run reports under your account in INSIDEtracc, but they cannot edit details or input any transactions. This is ideal for people who simply want to read or download the information available to your company, but want to avoid making changes in the system.

How Do I Assign Read-Only Access to Current Users?

If you’d like to change a currently registered user’s access to Read-Only, download our updated Electronic Commerce System (ECS) Exhibit B form. On the form, fill in your user’s name, contact information and check the box next to “Read-Only Access.” Send the completed form to your CGT Account Manager or e-mail it to A user’s access type should be updated within 1-2 business days.

How Do I Know Who Is Already Registered in INSIDEtracc?

To check who’s currently registered to your company in INSIDEtracc, login to INSIDEtracc then click on the Customer tab and select Query Users. A list of your active users and their access types will be provided on that page.

What If I Want to Register New Users?

Registering new users is a two part process.

First, download the updated ECS Exhibit B form, fill in each new user’s name, contact information and select which type of access each user will need. Send the completed form to your CGT Account Manager or e-mail it to

Second, each user who was listed on the ECS Exhibit B will need to create a user name and password by completing our INSIDEtracc registration form. To access the registration form, go to our INSIDEtracc login page and click on the Register here link.

Once both the ECS Exhibit B and online registration forms have been submitted, users should gain access to INSIDEtracc within 1-2 business days.

Is the Old ECS Exhibit B Still Usable?

Moving forward, only the updated ECS Exhibit B form will be accepted since we will need to know if a user requires Transaction Enabled Access or Read-Only Access. If you’re a company that tends to register users often, you may have an older ECS Exhibit B form on hand. Please make sure to remove that version and add our updated version to your files.

We are very excited to roll this out to you, our valued customers, since we know that this has been a popular request. If you have any questions about this update, please reach out to your CGT Account Manager.

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