5th Cycle Transition Problems

Friday, April 01, 2016

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In the process of transitioning to add the 5th nomination cycle to the INSIDEtracc system, PG&E’s California Gas Transmission ran into some system problems related to the Evening Confirmed and Evening Scheduled volumes for gas day April 1. We realize that some nominations may be reduced to a lower volume than was intended by the customer. (i.e., if multiple changes were made to a nomination prior to the cycle deadline, the INSIDEtracc system may have incorrectly processed a change that was not the latest change made.)

To alleviate this situation, we request two actions from our customers:

  • For ID1 and/or subsequent cycles for Gas Day April 1, based on the results of the evening scheduled process, please modify your nominations to reflect the volume you were trying to achieve.

  • If you have nominations in the system for a day or days after April 1st, we request that you re-enter your nomination with the intended volume, starting with an April 2nd start date.

We deeply regret the confusion and inconvenience this may require of you. Please reach out to the CGT Scheduling Team with questions.

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